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    Many artists will inlay eyes while other will leave the mole "blind". Other materials used are travertine or "Zuni rock", fishrock, jasper , pipestone , marble , or organic items such as fossilized ivory , bone , and deer or elk antler. Rhodochrosite A stone of love and balance, it emits the power of love. Facing in the direction appropriate to the chosen fetish the pot was sprinkled with medicine meal and a prayer was recited. We heartily recommend any of the books by Kent McManis as valuable references on Zuni fetish carvings. It helps one center, and also can show one the way to forgiveness. Their carcasses have been found at Chaco providing evidence of trade with cultures that lived much further south.
    zuni + fetish + cat zuni + fetish + cat


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    Zuni fetishes are small carvings made from various materials by the Zuni people. As a form of contemporary Native American art , they are sold with secular intentions to collectors worldwide. The main source for academic information on Zuni fetishes is the Second Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology submitted in by Frank Hamilton Cushing and posthumously published as Zuni Fetishes in , with several later reprints. Cushing reports that the Zuni divided the world into six regions or directions: north, west, south, east, above, and below. At the center of each region is a great mountain peak that is a very sacred place. Yellow mountain to the north, blue mountain to the west, red mountain to the south, white mountain to the east, the multi-colored mountain above, and the black mountain below. These guardians are considered as having protective and healing powers.
    zuni + fetish + cat zuni + fetish + cat

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    Zuni fetish carvings are a part of the Zuni religion which is extremely complex. Perhaps due to their remote location, the Zuni people have been able to retain a great deal of their culture and religion despite being among the most studied Native American people by anthropologists, past and present. The Mountain lion is considered the elder brother of the bear who is the elder of the badger, considered elder to the wolf, who is elder to the eagle, who is elder to the mole. Likewise, you may have a Zuni fetish directional set of only mountain lions or bears, or wolves, etc. North Yellow Dolomite, Calcite, etc. East White White marble, selenite, etc. South Red Pipestone, Dolomite, etc.
    zuni + fetish + cat zuni + fetish + cat


    zuni + fetish + cat zuni + fetish + cat

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